Our Principal

Summary of Expertise

  • Proven ability developing strong sales cultures, client strategies and products
  • Strong track record developing existing clients, finding new clients, implementing sales plans, and tracking sales performance
  • Innovative leadership qualities, aggressive selling skills, and strong analytical qualities
  • Comprehensive sales/service management abilities
  • Expertise in improving client service processes
  • Extensive experience in building and delivering client focused training programs

Mr. Toups has an over 30 year proven track record of success in developing strong client driven sales cultures. This has been demonstrated throughout his career in sales and sales management. Having started his career at a small savings and loan in Louisiana, he broadened his experience by serving in a variety of capacities at financial institutions including Dixie Savings and Loan, First Commerce Corporation, Bank One, and Hibernia National Bank.

Mr. Toups has performed such roles as Consumer, Business and Commercial Loan Officer, Branch Manager, Regional Manager, Retail Sales Manager, Retail Administrator, Private Banking Sales and Support Manager and National Premier Client Sales Manager. Additionally, his time spent in the corporate computer sales industry gives him a unique ability to identify and build client strategies in a very competitive environment.

Mr. Toups has also spent over twenty years as a highly rated instructor at The Barret School of Banking formerly known as The Mid-South School of Banking.  www.barret.ws

Mr. Toups’ ability to manage and balance many complicated tasks at once can be shown in his past experience having successfully managed as few as 6 people or the activities of as many as 2000. This ability has lead to many notable successes for his past employers such as, building and implementing a successful sales plan that ultimately originated over $700 million dollars in new business, doubling the size of the high value client base, improving profitability by over $11 million dollars and implementing a nationally recognized client sales/segmentation strategy.